So That All Might Thrive!

Foundational to the work and purpose of Partners for Social Change (PSC) is the concept of the ‘common good’ which simply put means that ALL, and in particular historically marginalized communities, should have economic security that includes access to affordable nutritious food, safe & affordable housing, a liveable wage, health insurance, and retirement security. This is all summed up in the phrase – so that ALL may thrive – not just the privileged and wealthy.

PSC works with our many partners in Washington State to achieve that goal. We do that work in the halls of power from local councils/commissions to the state legislature in Olympia to Congress. Most importantly, we do that work best when we work with our grassroots/local leaders and impacted individuals and families to achieve the very best social change outcome. Let’s work together – so that ALL may thrive!

Policy Areas we Work on in Olympia

Police Reform

Criminal Justice Reform

Racial Justice

Housing Justice

Native American Rights

Reducing Domestic Terrorism & White Supremacy

Latest News

Does your organization need some consultation advice regarding the approach or course of action your organization should or should not take on a particular issue or legislative matter?  Paul has 20 years of this kind of consulting experience.

“Paul Benz’s counsel, culled from decades of legislative experience, were absolutely invaluable to our criminal justice reform advocacy work. Our effectiveness in organizing our lobbying campaign around cogent and compelling goals were in large measure the result of Paul’s expert guidance.”

Jay Rosenbaum, Rabbi Emeritus at Herzl Ner Tamid (Mercer Island)

“I deeply appreciate Paul’s long-standing knowledge of the Washington legislature and his astute attention to the sponsorship, content, status in the legislative process, and next steps toward advancing passage of the bills he is following. Perhaps most importantly, Paul brings a compassionate commitment to support vulnerable people who will be better served by legislative action.”

Tom Ewell, Quaker Advocate

“Paul has an amazing skill set of combined passion and experience tackling tough issues at the state level.  I’ve known him to be a dedicated advocate for police accountability and reform in a real, measurable, and progressive way. ” [Rep. Johnson is vice chair of the house public safety committee and lives in Federal Way.”

Jesse Johnson, Washington State Representative

“Rev. Paul Benz believes in the Oneness, Justice and Mercy for Humanity. He listens to all voices and makes sure all the voices are heard. I have had the honor of working with Rev. Benz for over 20 years. He is a man of God who puts the love of God into practice every day; I am glad to call him friend.”

Rev. Harriett G Walden, Mothers for Police Accountability, Founder

“I have experienced Paul Benz to be insightful and faithful to our shared values. His experience, commitment, political savvy, and abilities to do this work in a humanizing yet effective way stands all on its own. I consider him to be a true time tested ally and co-conspirator in working to achieve social and racial justice.”

Kurtis Robinson, Cultural Change Advocate/Accountability Activist